Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Left-handed combined knit stitch

Here is the knit stitch. Again, a poor quality video shot with my digital camera, but at least it's in focus. I hope you find it helpful and remember that there are MANY ways to create knitted fabric. If your knitting is acceptable to you, but your technique is different from the left-handed style shown, do not feel you must alter your technique. I offer this video to help people who are struggling with the results of their knitted fabric. It was with the help of the gnittink list on yahoo that I discovered all the ins and outs of how I knit. I have changed my knitting technique several times over the years, none of them right or wrong, but I will not claim that I will not change my technique yet again. I used to do a different purl stitch, but my stitches were twisted if I was knitting back and forth and it required more thinking (i.e. was this stitch a knit or a purl) and I got tired of not being able to knit in the dark.


Dawn said...

Wow! that is cool! Do you knit this way all the time?

Diane Thornton said...

Yes, I'm left-handed and this is how I knit. I am a rebel and refuse to even think about learning right handed knitting. It causes no problems with patterns and despite what someone said to me once I do not knit inside out and my thumbs on mittens are not backwards (some people are so rude!) I love knitting, I love knitting my current way, but I am always open to ideas to make things faster. I don't have a problems with too much movement in my current style as you can see in the video. There is just so little (practically no) information about actually knitting left-handed. EZ called one style of knitting left-handed, but she was referring to which hand held the yarn and not how the knitting was moved from needle to needle.

Dahlea said...

Hmm, interesting. I do a similar method-working on the right, putting them on the left, but I knit in from the right of the stitch facing me, to the back and wrap it around. Does that make sense at all? Oh well, as lefties we have to do whatever works. It looks like anyone else's knitting when it's done!

rootchick said...

Cool! It's nice to be able to watch someone knitting and not be confused because they're doing it backwards! ;)

I knit similarly, but for the knit stitch I wrap counter-clockwise, and when I purl I purl through the leg facing me, wrapping counter-clockwise again. It makes for fast knitting, but I think the result does look a little different than normal. I'll have to try your method.

Thanks for sharing!

Falon Haze said...

I just joined the left handed knitters list on Yahoo, and found your videos! Thank you 1,000 times. I was so concerned with patterns, and now see that if doing it in this manner I don't have to worry about it anymore. I will have to build speed up again, but well worth it!