Friday, July 14, 2006

Drop-Stitch sleeve

Here is the result of my first attempt at dropped stitches (intentional, that is!). I am adding a long sleeve to a Tempting 2 sweater I started months ago. The short version is I was impatient (imagine) and got some acrylic that wasn't too icky so I could CO and fiddle with the pattern while I waited for my KnitPicks yarn to arrive. Months later I find this heap in a knitting basket. The top was to the short-rows (an alteration) and I realized there's no way this Caron Simply Soft acrylic will work in Memphis unless it's Fall or Winter. So I decided to add sleeves. Cruising the Interweave Knits Fall 2005, I am smitten with 2 sleeves, and ultimately decide to use the drop-stitch cardigan sleeve. I CO using a cable cast on because the pattern was K3 P1, but I've never done a drop stitch and it appears that CO is not recommend. No, I will not rip it out. Though it represents only a few hours of knitting, I will either tack the long loops up or perhaps do a bit of a knitted edge and hide them. My plan is to knit this sleeve to the arm, join with the T2 and continue the sleeve is St st, the top in the K1P1 rib and use a raglan decrease. But you know what happens to the best laid plans of a knitter when the yarn has a mind of it's own. Wish me luck? Posted by Picasa

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