Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scrap Knit Top and Mom's socks

this top was inspired by needful designs summer top. I saw the picture online and was too frugal to pay for it. I had CottonEase scraps that I used and KnitPicks Shine Sport as well. This top has no actual pattern at all. I just cast on for the bottom, knit it sideways, threw some short rows on one end of the knitting to make it flare a bit for my hips then seamed it up and picked up stitches at the bodice for the ribbing (K2p2) which doesn't show well in the photos. I ran out of dark blue and had to add lighter blue. I put in increases and short rows. Looks like I should have made more short rows! The bra is hanging out a bit, but this is a knock around top, not something I'd ever deny knitting but nothing I'd submit for a contest either. Oh and I added a little picot to the bottom before I picked up for the bodice.
Here we have my mother's first pair of handknit socks. She is a tall and slender woman with equally long and slender feet. I am thrilled she let me knit these for her and if I were a better daughter they would have gone in the mail 2 months ago when they were done! Hopefully I'll get them to the post office tomorrow. they're coming your way mom and if you want, there can be more where those came from. I hit the Yarn2Go sale Saturday and got sock yarn 85% off! I got enough yarn for at least 5 more pairs. 2 of which have stretch and 2 of which are a cotton/wool blend. New things to try. I'm currently favoring Toe Up socks with a turkish cast on and short row heel. Not a big fan of patterns (yet?) or fancy designs. Posted by Picasa

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