Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brioche Stitch video's

Like the rich, egg-based bread this stitch is named after, I am now knitting it successfully. Here is a video of how I get this stitch to work for me. I have never worked so hard for a stitch before. Many instructions say simply YO, Sl 1, K2tog. But that resulted in an odd almost inside out stitch for me. I tried slipping purlwise, slipping with yarn in front. A variety of things. What ultimately worked was doing the YO and the slipped stitch (knitwise for me) SIMULTANEOUSLY. How you ask? Watch and learn. BTW, I'm using huge needles, 10.5's and they're nasty cheap needles, but they were free in a freecycle box of yarn years ago. The yarn is the color of Brioche bread and is Lion Brand Fisherman's wool. It has the lanolin still in it and is undyed.

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Lefty on the Loose said...

Love your videos...left handed hurray! Can you do a increase stitch video left handed?? Please? My right handed instructions have me soooo confused!