Friday, January 27, 2006

My Most Excellent Birthday

I have traveled this earth for a few decades now and find that it is (finally?) not the gifts and celebration that I look forward to, but the fact that I have been given another complete year with the family and friends I love (the rest of you I don't give a whit about, don't think I've gone that soft!)

My dear friend Shannon brought cupcakes complete with Princess rings, flowers and her family to my house today. We had a small homeschool activity, which I botched horribly and she rescued gracefully. Then we shared artichoke pasta and dessert was birthday cupcakes and ice cream. I LOVED the impromptu celebration. Great people that family.

Tonight we indulged in Limerick's Steakhouse at Fitzgerald's casino. Once you get past all the slot machines and hundreds of people, the steak house is quiet and slightly refined. Comfortable but gracious after the lights and noise of the casino, whether it's the high roller's room or penny slots. Max has been wanting lobster for a few weeks so tonight he got lobster Newburg and Ginger and William each had what appeared to be the better half of a cow! I got surf and turf for the first time in decades, honestly. A pleasant time and we were briefly joined by Michael McGee as an added bonus. The boys said the cheesecake was great, but my birthday was already full and sweet so I didn't feel a need to take even a bite.

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