Saturday, February 04, 2006

Laugh a cold, drown an upper respiratory infection

Here it sit, as I have all day, in our bed. Warmed by the laptop and currently wrapped in my just completed Cozy. I have knit, worked on a volunteer project for Ronald McDonald House and watched TV more than any human ever should. I have asked for drinks and even got Ginger to go to Sonic and get me a strawberry shake for "dinner" as I was completely over one more mug of tea or cup of broth. The kids have settled for the evening and have survived quite well with Ginger attending to them so I opened the Yarn Harlot thinking something light would help me sleep. I forget (there's that memory thing) how irreverent and self deprecating, but absolutely spot-on, Stephanie is. So instead of settling in for the evening without knitting needles or computer, I was literally laughing out loud, tears running down my face. Laughter is good for a cold, but not good for the sleeping spouse next to you. Even Fudge (our Super Yorki who shares our bed with 2-3 cats at any given moment) looked at me quizzically and hopped off the bed. So I reluctantly set aside your most excellent writing Stephanie and lull myself to sleep with a big of alcohol and a warm computer. I promise to post pictures of my latest FO's just as soon as I look presentable...or at least am not wearing bed-head, pajamas and the flush of fever upon my cheeks.


Mary said...

Happy Late Birthday Diane!
So sad you're down with a cold...just not fair! Lucky you have Ginger to care for you...and pamper you, as you deserve! Have missed you on Chats! Take care of you!
Mary ~ Canada

diane h said...

I am checking in on all the Dianes during the KO (because who can check on all 4000???). Shawl collar textured rib sweater from Creative Knitting maybe? I made that one out of Lopi Lite. It was the sweater that taught me to measure. Insanely warm but the sleeves, which I knit to spec rather than reality, are too long. I loved the stitch pattern though - back and forth but interesting. Best - Diane H Chicago IL