Sunday, January 22, 2006

Honda Hilton Rides again!

This was Max's first stay in the Honda Hilton. We discovered that not only does it sleep 2 comfortably, it can turn into luxurious recliners for reading or sipping morning coffee while enjoying the view out the front window. We perfected "the flip" (flipping the foot of your sleep mat and sleep bag up and then flipping the front seat back up) for driving without moving much gear around. If we have more than 2 on any outing we'll be back with the Sierra Designs Sirius, but until then, we've enjoyed the decadence of the Honda Hilton. Sunday morning rain began at 2:30. It continued unabated all night and Max knew there would be no further kayaking or comfortable hiking so we pulled out (after opening the "kitchen" to make cocoa and coffee!)

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SP said...

Hey, enjoyed reading about the Honda Hilton. We have done the same thing and it is cozy and warm that way. Olde Sigrid