Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cane Creek State Park, Arkansas Kayaking

This weekend Maxwell and I had our first "Mommy & Max" weekend getaway. I discovered a sensitive, intelligent, patient and loving child who is thirteen and still comfortable being seen with his mother in public. It was a gift I will always cherish. We have decided to try and make these kayak outings a monthly event. The staff at Cane Creek was fabulous! Check out the beaver lodge. Max got to see the beaver, but I was busy behind the lens and didn't get there fast enough. We got to try out the guide's kayak and enjoyed a peaceful paddle about the shallow "lake". Saturday night we had a wonderful experience at Country Village, right outside of Star City, AR. There were a cluster of shops, restaurants and even a taxidermist! It was so much fun that we hope the take the rest of the family back there when it's a tad warmer...and drier.

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