Sunday, July 22, 2007

Latest sock, "tilting windmills"

Today's FO (finished object) is the Tilting Windmill socks from Scheepjes Invicta Coloris from Holland. The pattern draws the sock in and it is the tightest sock I have made to date. Ginger swears they still fit. When she saw me cruising the latest KnitPicks fall heathered yarns and swooning, she said "I don't know how many more socks I need". I shall pretend she did NOT say that!
I am not quite ready to admit defeat. To weaken her resolve, I am CO for another pair for her out of Trekking XXL. Surely she will succumb and continue to pick fun yarns for me to knit for HRH? I do not wear socks very often and certainly not in the summer except to exercise. These are not exercise socks! The only other people to knit socks for (in the house) are the teenage boys. Ask yourself how well teenage boys take care of their socks and then imagine how reluctant I am to knit socks for them, though I do adore them.

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