Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ampersand Socks in Clown yarn

I think I am cheating a tiny bit in the knitting parents KAL because I CO for these before the KAL started. The yarn is stash yarn, purchased on sale from Yarn to Go and I am not crazy about it. Maybe once it washes up it will bloom a little. It is a cotton blend and it just doesn't have the stretch that I prefer in my socks, but what am I talking about, it's yet another pair for HRH Ginger! After turning the heel I started the Ampersand pattern. I'm not going to do it again. I would modify it to balance the pattern more. I do not like the bars of ribbing that run along the vertical side of the ankle. Maybe Jaywalker next? (toe up, of course) These are modeled by the recipient who has been extra special nice to me the last few days. I returned from a week long trip with the boys and instantly developed a wicked case of food poisoning. No knitting, blogging or eating for several days, but I am slowly recovering as this FO attests.
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Knitman said...

I know what you mean if you don't like them, but I do!

Anonymous said...

Was the food poisoning from the sushi? Inquiring minds and all that..

Diane Thornton said...

Hmmm, who left this comment:) Only someone who had been eating oodles of sushi with me for a weekend would know I had lived on sushi. Nope, food poisoning most likely from a salad bar (dinner) or 1950's kitchy restaurant in Atlanta (lunch).