Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kote Repair %^$##@!!!

Months ago I told myself I was going to repair William's kote. There were a few small holes. Then I was told by a loud mouth paunchy retired marine, that I should go ahead and replace the entire palm. I researched, I studied, I asked the cobbler, the luggage repair and the upholsterer if they could sew them. Everyone said no. I thought about how I could knit him entire new Kotes, but figured out they would look fabulous but not offer any protection. Now its months later and I have a son with gigantic holes in his kote. We even sent him to summer camp with these holy behemoths! Yesterday I finally began the tearing out. He has Kendo Wednesday so I knew I had to get it done. With the loan of some upholstery thread and needles from Rogers-sensei (we're promoting you) and the first aid of a frosty adult beverage (my fingers needed ice packs about half way through) I am proud to say I have replaced the entire palm on one Kote and even prouder to say that I am not stupid enough to do this ever again. On the second kote I decided to simply repair the small hole and re-stitch the welting. It's worth the $80 to buy an entire new set! It's worth the $50 to mail them in for repair. The catch is having a backup pair. William does not, hence the mommy repair. Here are some before, during and after shots of the entire replacement and the a tiny repair and patch job on the 2nd kote. He and I are both longing for his own new bogu. It's his bar mitzvah present. I am eager to order, but they insist on payment so I'll be waiting a few months :) $400 is the best price I can find and I think that's for 4mm bogu. I'm sure there are more expensive sports, we're lucky, we just forget it sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, have him take up horseback riding! And then you can buy him a horse, and a trailer, and a truck to pull the trailer, and a barn, and the land to put the barn on.... You're lucky, it's really not so bad. There, hope that helps!