Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another trip to Nashville for Kendo

I need a bumper sticker like the soccer moms have; "Kendo Mom" suppose there's a market for it? It should probably have a men on it, or in my case, a photo of a dollar sign and me helping William repair another gash in his shinai. This Sunday we got up at the crack of freaking dawn to drive William, K. Yasuda-san and D. Crittendon-san to Nashville for the last practice with Maeda-sensei before he moves to Fl. Everyone had a great time. the turn out was fantastic. Mike Quinn-sensei was even there from Charlotte! I was keenly thrilled when Yasuda-san and then Imai-sensei took the time to correct William's right elbow on his Men strike.
Of course, no extra practice would be complete without the trip to the Japanese buffet for a bit of sushi and beer. The Memphis dojo, Yasuda-san, presented Maeda-sensei with our parting gift. It was very sweet.

Why, you ask yourself, does this woman post a photo of her foot in the middle of the Kendo post? Because, dear children, if it weren't for knitting, I would probably impale myself on one of the Kendo shinais! Knitting, specifically sock knitting, keeps me happy while the shouts of "MEN!" and smacking of bamboo staves surrounds me. This particular sock is shown earlier in the blog. You can see how much I got done in one week (not much)

Your dojo is free to use any of these photos. (all photos from the event, listed separately) Individuals present at the practice may also use them for their own blogs or newsletters.


Knitman said...

Kendo mum? Kendo widow? Well as long as they enjoy it, better than being rowdy on the street.
The sock looks good too-great colourway.

Caroline said...

I just found your blog and as a knitting kendoka, I think I'll just have to bookmark it and keep coming back here.

Oh, and if there isn't already a market for those bumper stickers, then there ought to be! :)

Caroline said...

I guess I'll keep replying here instead of at your latest post for the sake of consistency.

I live in Sweden, so I'm afraid we probably won't meet up at any tournament anytime soon. If I ever go to America, and I hope I will, I will definitely try to get my kendo gear with me though, as there are so many more dojos over there than there are here.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the offer! I'll definitely keep that in mind.