Monday, February 27, 2006

What's been flying off my needles at a snails pace

So far this year I've knit a bit, but just a bit. In January I listed my first FO's. There is one missing, the little baby hat that I never mailed. For some reason there isn't a picture of it either. I must remedy that...tomorrow. But I did finish the slippers for Max and here is a before felting and after felting picture. Free pattern and WOTA yarn. and here is after
And looking at my photos it appears that I simultaneously finished this Last Minute Knitted Gifts Scarf. I wonder if I'll make another one for Andrea's birthday this year? I'll probably forget by then! and finally, the long awaited Cozy. I started it with my first order from KnitPicks when they just came out with their own yarns. I had ordered a few skeins of this not knowing what it would be. After it decided to be Cozy from, I waited to save my money for the required additional skeins. Eventually I bought them and after many months of on again off again knitting, it is done. This picture doesn't show how I've learned to wear it (a la the model on Knitty), but is the only picture of it I have. The stitch detail is interesting. Knit in Andean Silk it took 8 skeins on size 11 Addis. It drapes divinely :)
It occurs to me that I finally finished the shawl, quickly made the scarf and slippers because I wanted all my needles free lest I get distracted from my Olympic entry. Which I certainly did, but not my knitting. That would be the never-ending Oscars.


Irish Clover said...

The cozy is gorgeous and looks awesome on you! The stitches are beautiful!

lynsey said...

wow i really love this diane!