Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I feel fuzzy (feet)

These are fuzzy feet from Knitty.com. While I was waiting for my copy of FiberTrends felted clogs to show up, I impatiently knitted these in BS winter frost and WOTA. you can see that I doubled the soles. The first felting was a tad loose and these are the pictures. The next felting was a tad over-felted and required a shoehorn to get them on. I won't show you a current picture because these are so wonderful that I wear mine constantly, to bed, to the trash, in the snow, constantly. They are not beautiful anymore, but they wear like iron! I also knit a pair for #1 son, not doubled, out of WOTA and his look like little elf feet. He likes his quite well and I am almost happy that I gave my old pair of slippers and some night gowns to a neighbor who's house burned. I missed my old slippers and then I HAD to make new ones!

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