Wednesday, January 10, 2007

some new FO's for 2007

Picasa is not cooperating with the "blog this button" and I have tried 3 times. Here are 3 Fo's. I am not certain when they were done. I think they were all completed since Jan 1, 2007. (remember, I have a dementia problem) the aqua socks are technically a re-knit of my mother's birthday socks. They were too short so I ripped them back to the heel turn and added an inch before turning the heel and changed the cuff to a mini-cable since a K2P2 was simply too boring to do again. The pair flecked with color is KnitPicks Bare with donegal. I LOVE it. They are my father's birthday present. The wine colored pair is actually yet another pair of fuzzy feet for a friend. I have yet to knit the pair for her companion, but I will, I promise.

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