Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ann Hood, "Knitting Circle"

This is the first of the complimentary book from DK that I have completed. KnitLit. Parenting, mourning, women’s lit. as a social worker I had to suspect this woman was writing a great deal of non-fiction in this novel. A quick perusal of her website confirmed it. She experienced the sudden and unexpected death of her 5 year old daughter in 2002. after a 2 year journey through depression and inability to focus, write or think straight, she emerged with an essay on grief and then this book. She is, in deed, a knitter. She did not learn to knit to write the book. She learned to knit to save her life and the book came from that. She has even offered a little gift to the readers, listeners and supporters of her latest effort.

I will bring the book to DK tonight and pass it along. it was a very quick read.

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