Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fudge, super Yorki

Fudge, the super Yorki lounging on his buckwheat travel pillow (outgrown by the boys) on his way back from Tulsa after a long holiday weekend with his buddy Gunner. We're heading back in a few more days so he'll "assume the position" again. He's the BEST dog! Rarely barks except when necessary, hikes, bikes, camps, sails and gets along with all dogs and cats. He's getting older and is the only dog now. He did pull a quick stunt a few weeks ago and stealthily stole the meat from the middle of a sandwich (leaving the bread unmoved). He was chastised and dropped the meat. For years we have said we could leave the thanksgiving turkey on the table over night and he would not touch it. It also turns out we have blamed him for occasionally getting in the trashcan, when in fact, it was the cats! We returned from our holiday trip to find the living room trash can spread on the floor. We would routinely have blamed Fudge, but he was with us the whole time. That, of course, leaves the darling cats as the culprits. We owe him an apology. I don't think a trip to the groomers is considered an apology in doggyland but that will have to do as he's quite a mop and I would prefer him to be more dashing for our upcoming trip.

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