Friday, September 29, 2006

KnitPicks Shipping RANT!

I have just had the WORST experience with my darling KnitPicks. If it were the first time I ordered from them, I would never order again and Elann would have all my business. As some of you know, I had a circular needle crisis several weeks ago. Those socks are still on the needles. The new circular needle that I sweet-talked Ginger into letting me purchase is lost in never never land. The order was placed September 14, 2006 and shipping supposedly via USPS September 15th. Here I sit, on this beautiful island with cool Fall weather and crystal clear Gulf of Mexico, but sans said circular needle. :::sigh::: What went wrong? Apparently the planets aligned to thwart this knitting project, or maybe it's the future one they're fiddling with, I don't know. The tracking information available via the KnitPicks order status page is NOT actual USPS tracking information. It has not been updated daily and my package (containing 2 circulars and 2 skeins of Donagal sock yarn) spent 5 days in Ohio waiting to ship out and 2 days in Orlando then disappeared for 4 days before being posted (one day late) that it was in Gulf Breeze. The problem? Gulf Breeze does not have it! And the tracking information I was once given by a KnitPicks Customer Service agent is not actual tracking. That agent said I had to wait an additional THREE days for the 14 day guarantee. A knitter, without functioning sock needles. I need a cocktail and it's only 9:40 am!
The local, kind, patient postal mistress (remember, it's a small island) has literally scoured the mail man's bag and has not located my package for 2 days. Now KnitPicks Customer Service, in their wisdom (another agent) says they will replace it. One of them said something about free, but I didn't hear that word from this one! I told her my time constraints and delivery problems and this time she says they'll ship via UPS. Good old UPS. They deliver to my door. Now if they will get here I can work on those socks. Until then, I'm finishing up the I-cord edging on the cardigan and will be forced to CO for the sleeves of the Tahki Leaf sweater, won't I?
Micki, if you're reading this, you MUST tell me if I won a ribbon at the Midsouth Fair. It will ease my knitting angst :)
UPDATE: KnitPicks screwed up AGAIN. They sent it to the replacement order to the WRONG ADDRESS!!! Yes, I'm shouting, hell, I'm cussing! supposedly this will be cleared up by October 5th, 2006. They are shipping a replacement for the replacement. This time 2nd day air. ::sigh:: What have I done to get this kind of lousy service? I am a faithful addict and proselytize of their most excellent fibers. I suppose an email from Kelly isn't going to happen :)

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