Friday, September 15, 2006

Troubled trip to the Emerald Coast

I had a bad omen about this trip. In the end it was okay, but not without problems including a flat tire and having to get it repaired late on a Sunday night in Mississippi. I wish we'd had the sense to grab the camera so you could see me in my pink floral circle skirt and pink pastel top changing the tire on the Element while the Dyke was on the phone to AAA. Quite a sight! The very well built repiar guy seemed truly flabergasted that we had changed the tire ourselves. Then again stunned when I hoisted it into the tire well and pack the Element back up. Ginger paid for it :) We also got stopped for speeding RIGHT AFTER I pointed out to the darling driver the 45 MPH speed limit. The nice officer listened when I said we'd just dealt with a flat tire and finding a repair spot late at night and gave HRH a verbal warning to "slow down", which I felt required to repeat throughout the remainder of the drive as her short term memory appears to have been faulty :) Posted by Picasa

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