Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blogspot Beta problem SOLVED

If you are trying to load my blog using Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, you will get a script error. to solve this problem you will need to either view my blog using Firefox (another browser) or develop the patience of Job and disable the scripts when the IE box pops up. Sorry! I am, however, thrilled to see that all my hard work is still here. Welcome back to my blog!

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StarzAbove said...

I'm not sure if you have narrowed it down or not, but what seems to be causing the IE problem is a script having something to do with "widgets".
I'm not sure if that is something that you can disable in Blogger or not.

I've been using Firefox for as long as it's been out, and I was using Mozilla before that. I only use IE when I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO - which is not often, thank goodness. As a Web Designer/Developer, IE is the must unruly, nonstandard, holey mess of a browser that is out there.
Firefox is awesome!
I'll step down off of my soapbox now. :-)
You vacation looks to be a blast - continue to enjoy!!