Monday, May 01, 2006

Renee moved the dryer electricity

And though she denies it, she tried to KILL ME! She wired the box wrong and the frame of the dryer was running 220 through it. The gods were smiling on me though and I never touched it while it was running. It didn't dry anymore and we called the repairman. 2 weeks later he showed up and was less than enthusiastic about her work. So "free" work cost us $45 in repair bills and a red face. But at least I didn't die. Posted by Picasa


StickLena said...

Food and electricity are not meant to play with!

Anonymous said...

"W" is for the white wire!!!!How many more have I put in that were right? Anyway, as I am still a student, it was quite the learning experience---never trust the labels.