Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're "bad" Jews!

Good yontif! Shana Tova! It's Yom Kippur in case you're confused. Though I am not confused as to it being Yom Kippur, I apparently was MAJORLY confused about everything else in my life. While at dinner at Molly's La Casita last night, where I had just joined up with friends and given part of our birthday present to our dear friend Kelly, my phone rang. It seems I have no memory of agreeing to work. So I took 2 sips of my margarita, ate 3 chips and left Ginger to ride home with Dee in her new fabulous wheels :::drooling::: What, you're asking, does this have to do with Yom Kippur? Because last night was Kol Nidre. Now I really like the Kol Nidre service and had planned to leave dinner, gather the boys and head to services. I am sad I had to miss it. But there's more to my scheduling snafu. We had asked Rose and her crew to please come stay with us on their way home from the Unschooling Conference (Live and Learn) in St. Louis. When I'd made the suggestion, I hadn't been looking at a calendar. They arrived while I was at work, and would have been at services. When I got home from work (after a detour to the grocery store, hadn't been grocery shopping since we got home from a month at the beach) we enjoyed a wonderful visit. Went to bed and left the boys to a slumber party in the living room. This morning we continued to visit as Erin patiently waited to leave for Pensacola and his newly delivered computer. They just left and though I would have dearly loved to go to Yom Kippur Services, it's already 11 so unless I go to the evening services, I think we're going to be "high holiday service" deprived this year. Interesting when life offers us choices. I don't regret hosting our friends one whit! Maybe it's the goddesses sign that high holy day services were NOT the time to try a new Temple? Some would just call us "bad" Jews for not putting Yom Kippur at the top of our lists.