Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blue Angel

William has finally gotten another cat. His first darling, Scratch, disappeared and despite rewards, posters and canvassing the neighborhood in Oklahoma, was never found. His second cat, whom he nurse and nurtured from a sick kitten to a warm wonderful cat, Angel began to stay in the garage after we moved back to Memphis. Then she wouldn't come in for days, days become weeks and she'd show up. She had a collar and number on her. After her last long absence and subsequent return we tried to keep close tabs on her, but she left and hasn't been seen since. That was a year ago. With three cats already in the house, adding another one is not something we rush into! But with his birthday approaching, the topic came up (again). We visited several web sites, checked the paper, freecycle and the pound. Eventually we landed on this little guy who is six weeks old. He's been raised by his mom so he has all those good antibodies. Was an inside cat and is well socialized. In a stroke of genius he was named :
Blue Angel! No doubt updated pictures will come, but these are the best so far. It will be interesting to see what his coat color becomes as he matures. He has the oddest little gray striping around his neck and some medium longish hairs here and there. Check out his mustache!

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