Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facebook eats blog

Ever since I began to learn and actively participate in Facebook (FB), my personal blog has languished. My editor forced me to join FB to promote my public dementia blog on everyday health and it has helped. But there are some crafty things that require much more than a line and this is one of them. I promise to get back to blogging for me, to hold my memories on "paper" and to entertain the few of you who straggle by.
Sarah introduced me to quilting. We like totaly different kinds, colors and styles of quilting so its really best that we are quilt buddies; there is no rivalry for fabrics online or at stores. She also convinced me (this took very little pushing) to start a stash. Sarah's quilt stash is 100% clothing that she fully intends to repurpose into quilts. She has them sorted by color values in a room and its a work of art in itself. I'm a different kind of quilter so I went straight for the sheets, blankets and whole clothe at the thrift store. After that I added in a few XL men's shirts in blue values because I wanted to make a shirt quilt.
today I am feeling good enough, after month and months of surgery, complication, hospitalization, infections, doctors appointments and general lethargy, to start a quick quilt! This will be no work of art; but a work of heart for my PT who is a friend and who stuck it out with me during some of the much more difficult and challenging days. She's a Steelers fan. She doesn't have a Steelers blanket/quilt/throw so I am making her one. Of course everything licensed costs a fortune and is hard to find at the end of the football season, but I did order online and got 2 yards of licensed stuff.
Now the good part. I shopped my "stash" and I think I found the colors I want to complete the quilt! I'll double check with Sarah when she comes over (she's still my quilting consultant) and then I'll get busy. I hope to get at least the top done by Friday.

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