Monday, August 31, 2009

Another business, Dementia Busy Aprons

Modeled after aprons I saw online, but the shipping was insane and the cost was $35+, I made these after blurting out in a support group that I would. Poor impulse control is a problem with dementia. I'm selling them for $25 no shipping. They vary depending on the person, this one is for a woman. The toy is optional and specifically for the recipient. For a teacher it might have a pocket full of letters or flashcards. The fabrics are lush and functional. The 4 square patch on the top is sewn on the right side, but the zipper comes completely apart so you can have a kind of flap. Just another bright thing to fiddle with. Hope this is a hit. Since dementia has sidelined my career, and SSDI as not come through for 3 years, money is insanely tight. I will make a tiny profit on these. I use all thrift store clothes to make the additions. I purchased the aprons. I have 5 more to make.
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Carole Mulliken said...

Such a good idea, Diane! Even now, I find my hands fidgeting when my mind is not. I can only imagine how great the need to handle things will be later on in the illness. Good luck with your project! -- Carole

Diane said...

Thank you so much Carole! I have blankets in all rooms that are super soft. I either pet them or have them near my feet and pet them with my feet. At Synagogue, when I am called to Torah, I fiddle with the trip on the table cover while I am chanting. Bad, no? :O

Sarah said...

Diane, I happened on your site looking for info about busy aprons. My mom has Alzheimer's, and the occupational therapist says the apron really helps. I love that you personalize yours. That's such a wonderful idea.

I have bookmarked your blog and hope to read more later. Good luck with the SSDI--what a pain. My BIL, who is a paraplegic from a spinal cord injury, was saying he has to fill out the paper work regularly to continue to get SSDI--like he's going to have a spontaneous recovery!

jleehawaii said...

Dianne you are having toooooo much stress. Lets just say things have got to get better cuz where else might they go.
I do lots of chanting also I belong to Shinnyo-en Buddist Temple. My lifeline. I may be able to sell some things fromm you if my alzheimers store get going on the web i would take 5% and you would just drop ship or I could. Take care and know how many dasinites you have out here that love and pray and chant for you