Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sarah's STASH!

After months of offering, I finally took Sarah up on the chance to "shop" her stash. This woman's stash has an ENTIRE room to itself! You know she's a quilter right off the bat because everything is organized by color and it's georgous. Sarah's secret? She buys clothes from thrift stores and recycles them into bags, quilts, clothes *anything*! She's amazing! The local paper has picked up her story and plans to do a feature on her. She's been featured on crafster for her recycled bag out of bags. We sorted through every teal fabric she had and settled on one. Now I have to get busy and find time to sew the addition to my bag before I take off for D.C. tomorrow morning.
Sarah has special clothes hanging in the closet, they're all linen. She also has 3 dresses, hand smocked by her mother, from her own childhood. She is one incredible woman!
What I won't show you is the cabinet full of recycled yarn. She's neatly wound them into cakes, kept the original tag and placed them all in large ziptop plastic bags. She even offered to let me "shop" that stash. I remained strong as I now have a "real" stash of my own (according to Sarah).

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gwensmom said...

Oh boy, I am so busted!