Sunday, May 04, 2008

On the Road Again (for Kendo)

William had another team practice for the South East Kendo Federation national team. We drove to Crossville and stayed with Margo, Peggy and Mattie. Gracious and accomodating, we always crash there on these easternly trips. Then it was onto North Carolina for the practice and I met up with Ellen from the soft coated Wheaten Terrier yahoo group. The weather was stunningly beautiful and the dogs were great. We met her 3 and got some sun. After a great dinner (no photos) we crashed at a basic hotel and checked email then left the next day for an extra practice in Knoxville with Hyun-sensei. William worked hard all weekend. We're very proud of him! On Sunday he was so tired after Geiko with Hyun-sensei that he thought he was going to pass out and/or be ill. He drank some, breathed, focused and went back for more!

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