Thursday, December 27, 2007

patching the couch to buy an elliptical trainer

We have a great couch whose colors work well in the living room despite the fact that we purchased it over 10 years ago. The real problem is that it's a sleeper couch, never buy one. We were cautioned, but felt the need for the space too much to head the warning. Here I am patching the fabric after years of dogs/cats/boys abuse. I washed the cushion covers in the machine, hand scrubbed the arms and base. It looks good. We're skipping a new couch in favor of an elliptical machine. It was a 3 to 1 family vote.


gwensmom said...

Is that Fray Check? I love that stuff.
so are you the one who voted for a new couch?

Diane Thornton said...

Amazingly, it was William who voted for a new couch in lieu of an ellpitical. After shopping for one he was more enthusiastic. I salvaged one of the throw pillows to patch the 5 holes in it, used stitch saver (?) to glue the patches and fray check to seal the exposed edge. Fray check turned the edge darker :( But it looks good from a distance :)