Monday, December 03, 2007

kenshi takes a beating

William was exceptionally fortunate to have a very small practice with his new bogu. Two senior students gave him exquisite instruction to move his Kendo from beginner level to more advanced level. He struggled to change his habits and become frustrated and angry with himself. At one point ( I have the photo!) his poor technique got him hit quite soundly on the head and he discovered that even new fabulous bogu will not protect you from poor Kendo technique. After being furious with himself, he struggled to breath and I had to help him get the men off (I still think that thing might be too small!) but I generally do not get involved in the drama of his life. He pulled himself together (and hopefully apologized to the senseis) and practice ended. toda Raba, Arigato Gozaimasu to Yasuda-san and Register-san!
I was knitting most of the time, don't ask me what, but I was knitting. Probably socks, they're the most portable thing I knit. I need to put a photo up of the current pair of oh-so-boring-beige-socks.

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