Friday, November 30, 2007

The Bogu Arrived!

William has been working to earn money for his own set of bogu. This is a huge investment (and I half fear he will lose interest in this sport after 2+ years now that he has the bogu!) We contributed 1/2 the cost and he had to raise the rest. This gave him great latitude in which set he purchased. He has looked for months and made up his mind several times only to change it again. Ultimately he purchased bogu from Tozando. Their customer service was outstanding! 3 other Kenshi with the Memphis dojo have dealt favorably with them and that influenced our decision in the end. I worry the men is a bit too small and will ask his sensei to double check. While he would be upset to have to send it back and exchange, this is his first big purchase and I sure don't want it to be wrong.

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