Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving on the road and other fun

After finally recovering from our youngest's bar mitzvah celebration, we tackled Thanksgiving. Most years we travel. when we were in OK we came to TN when we are in TN we travel to OK. Make sense? It's because it's a 4 day weekend and the easiest travel time of the year. This year my brother and sister in law are cooking. Mom is making her fabulous dressing and we are in charge of desserts, rolls and wine. Easy(not) and Messy. Here are some fun pics to give you a "taste" of the journey. Maxwell made a chocolate fudge cake (from scrach, no boxes here!) and raspberry reduction for filling. Chocolate ganache on top just to guild the lily. William made triple berry pie. He fell asleep and wouldn't wake up to help with the crust so I did not make pretty tops and forgot to cut slits in the top and it bubbled over wickedly. The pumpkin pie was great. The clover rolls were good, but the Parker House rolls were over done (though they got eaten). We enjoyed letting the cousins just hang out for 4 days of games, games, movies and bowling. We didn't watch TV once the entire time! They were busy with hide and seek, board games, Wii and basketball. Thanks to Andy and Roxanne for opening their home!!! Thanks to Mom and Dad for opening their home and giving up a bedroom to us. The boys had a great time at the gun range with dad one afternoon too and Ginger and I had a wonderful visit with my Aunt Mary and Uncle David and cousin Tim. Too bad I forgot the camera for that one.

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