Monday, June 18, 2007

what's in a bra?

Correct, nothing family, knitting, cooking or dementing about this post. If you are a male, skip it. If you are a busty female who buys your bra at anything less than a top-notch bra shop, keep reading. I used to be a bra model. I have been fit more times than you can imagine. I will tell you than my size could change dramatically (and therefor the fit of the bras) within a 6 month span. Why am I making this post? Because I am a devotee of the well-fitting bra and the bulk of the information out there is WRONG about sizing. For years I was getting bras in a lingerie department of a large chain department store. Supposedly being "fitted". Now I know I was being fitted into what they had. Once a sales person told me there was "no way" I wore the size I claimed to wear. Another clerk informed me there was no such size (that was at Victoria's Secret, what a joke). So sales clerks reinforce the bad sizing. Get out a good tape measure. Hopefully enlist a very close friend to help you measure. Once we had a bra fitting party! We ordered Thai food, shared a glass or two or wine and buddied up for the numbers. Then we emailed a master fitter and got recommended sizes. We shopped online and we were all amazed at the difference a well fitting bra makes to your look, your attitude and your energy. Now I even wear bra-sized swimsuits. Makes all the difference and worth every single exorbitant penny. Go here for accurate, detailed bra fitting guides.
Read every single word of the fit information. If you underband size is small (like mine) you have to use a completely different set of fitting rules. Once you grasp it, it is life changing.


lynseym said...

i used to fit bras at (big dept store). :) but then again i'm special and know a little more about fit than the average smocked "professional."

thank you SO FREAKIN' MUCH for calling to check on me :). such a dear friend.

Michelle said...

Where were you Saturday when I took my oldest bra shopping? What a PITA. The measurements we took were not effective in finding the right bra. According to her measurements she should have worn a 34 (actually a 33) H. She ended up with a 38C which fits, but not perfect. I'm following your links and maybe both of us will have well-fitting bras.

Miss you!

inukshuk71 said...

Thank you so much Diane. I am going from an uncomfortable 40D to a 38G!!! I usually end up crying when I go shopping for a new bra. I won't be clueless anymore, I'll know to go to a specialty shop and look for my special size.

Quiara said...

I'm a "certified bra fit specialist" apparently. I worked a Lane Bryant's Cacique for a while. I've fit all of my friends and they're amazed at 1) how wrong the size they were wearing was and 2) how much better the right one looks and feels. I think every woman in the world should read this post. ^_^