Friday, July 29, 2005

After over six months of trying, I finally had an appointment with a neurologist and the results were exactly what I feared. Aside from many tests, none of which we can truly afford, the main diseases he's following up are
  1. Dementia
  2. Brain Tumor
  3. Stroke

I've been fairly stable the last few months, no major declines and I've even regained the ability to recall the day and organize the big re-current activities of most days. I still struggle with order and making decisions. It's called executive functioning. That would be like when I drove all over decided where to go get milk for Max's bowl of cereal. And Ginger says she and one of my closest friends and confidants both have noticed a personality change for the last 7 months. Joy. There's not a lot of information about these diseases in someone my age. Apparently I'm supposed to be in my late 50's and have a history of hypertension.

So I'm waiting again, for more bills and more tests and yet another appointment. I hope they find nothing!

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