Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some beach time, Spring style

Our family, minus Max, went to our favorite beach for spring break. The weather was warmer and sunnier than predicted, which was great except I packed for cooler weather. The water was and always is too cold to swim in March, but some brave souls do. We think they are people who don't get to come to the beach as often as we do. We also saw and heard at least one mated pair of Osprey. We had a regular cocktail hour complete with hor d'oeuvres. Often we would hear and see the Osprey near sunset. They are amazing birds. I was fascinated about them and dreamed of them, thought of them and looked for them long after we returned home. We enjoyed the Blue Angels flying over in practice, but it was hard to get photos. We comforted ourselves in the fact that we have decades of Blue Angels photos. William spent time with friends, as did we. During a card game one night our cat, Zeus, decided to help us play. We've had this motorhome about a year and the dogs and cats love the dash. It's huge and flat and they can view their domain from there.

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lawheezer said...

Ah! The beach! Some how it just recharges your batteries.