Thursday, April 01, 2010

Life's about the journey not the destination

That quote has been floating around the Internet for quite a while. I will have to say it is the theme of our Spring Break Trip. Maxwell, graduating senior, chose the destination. Lindy, the RV, did her best to keep us from reaching it. Here is a photo of the boys outside the Air and Space Museum. I was surprised that Maxwell chose to go here, but when I saw they had a black hole show, it all made sense. We are so blessed to have these incredible kids, though some moments I would be hard pressed to say that out loud. Tomorrow we get married. And to show you what a small world it is, the rabbi who is marrying us is a gay knitter who helped me years ago with Max's bar mitzvah. He only helped via email, but when the laws changed to allow marriage in D.C. and we already had this trip planned, it just seemed right to ask him. A wonderful clerk at the marriage bureau went through a great deal of work to make certain our license and certificate were speeded through. Lindy's delays almost cost us the right to marry.
My knee, after total knee replacement, is causing me excruciating pain and my Alzheimer's is wearing me down. The family is supporting and lifting me through this trip. Yesterday Ginger pushed me in a wheel chair all through the Air and Space museum! Then she reminded me to stop early and come back. I hope all of you have people like this in your life: whether they are friends, family or (like the clerk) helpful strangers.
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