Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frisco Feeding Frenzy (Jimmy Buffett)

I found the best group online for Jimmy Buffett stuff ( and stumbled onto a group that was planning a party with a purpose before the show in TX. This, of course, fit my love of volunteering and I quickly signed up. Before you knew it I had signed up Ginger and recruited my brother and SIL too! We eventually (months later) converged on Frisco Texas and the Pizza Hut Park for a phantastic phlocking phull of phun. (get the Parrot head references??)
We over-nighted in the glorious Lindy and were grateful as heck. I was quick to make friends and Ginger wished for some personal space, but we'll do it again next year. I will try not to get as intoxicated...maybe. I will try to keep my shirt on more...maybe.
Here are some highlights. The blanket was one of two charity projects sent to me by other BN knitters. I seamed the squares up (they were not even close to the specs I asked for) and next time I'm going to insist people measure.

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Tracie said...

That sounds like a blast, I'm glad you had a great time!