Thursday, April 02, 2009

no good deed goes unpunished

Hi! Reporting to you today from purgatory, or as close as a Jew can get. The boys' school, who I have high hopes and expectations for, is currently deciding if they will allow me to drive 16 hours round trip to pick up FREE textbooks for teachers. Why, you ask would this even be considered? Ginger firmly believes this is NOT my battle. I, as a long time home educator, have to admit I feel compelled to provide the best education for our children. That means giving as much of my failing brain and body to their current school as possible while still keeping my sanity and health. Why would the school, in existence 5 years, need textbooks? That's too complicated for me to even fathom, but has something to do with the plan to be a textbook free school and the reality that all kids don't have laptops. So here I sit, keeping an interview with Joe Shapiro of NPR on hold, the COO of Pink Palace hanging as well as friends for dinner and the family. Waiting to hear if the administration approves of (and will pay fuel costs) for me to drive to FL to pick up textbooks. A symptoms of my illness is poor judgement. This might be a symptom instead of a good deed!

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