Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catch up already

So, apparently I have been woefully behind in personal blogging. Please forgive me if you even still read this. The purpose of my blogging was originally to keep a bit of a diary of my descent into dementia. Then it was to keep a memory book to jog my failing one. Then I forgot to remember to jog my memory. Got it? So the short history of the last six or so months.

September 2008, beach, beach and more beach. Great friends, food and fun. check
October 2008, more beach, return home and hit reality HARD. William in school, Max in school, life changes. William celebrated surviving to the age of 14 by becoming a demon. we are still adjusting to this and the question of who will survive is anyone's guess.
November 2008 and finally some good news. Barack Obama won the presidential election. There is hope in Mudville.
Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma was great, except that Ginger got a wicked cold and had to miss the big meal. We had quite an RV adventure on our first RV shopping trip.
December 2008 we learned that boys who have been homeschooled and then go to structured public school have *issues* when they are given hours of free time for holiday breaks. We will know for the next time to put some structure in there. The gamers OD'd. Ginger indulged the boys in new computers for the big gift this year. we are still paying for them.
January 2009 arrived and we counted the days until inauguration. We had a big party and are hopeful the American public will get serious about personal responsibility and fix what's broken in this country. We celebrated our umpteenth anniversary and my 47th birthday with very little fanfare.
February 2009 and we are serious about this RV purchasing thing. We bought a 1986 Lindy by Skyline and begin to learn about her, fix her and make plans to take her on the road.
in March we'll return to the beach and stay in the driveway of Renee and her family while we live in the RV for 8 glorious days. In April we'll be in Dallas for the first Jimmy Buffett concert of my life!!! Again, in the RV and visiting friends before boondocking in the big parking lot of the Pizza Hut Plaza.
Hopefully we're all caught up. If you want to see dementia-specific articles, go to the everyday site and look up my dementia blog.

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gwensmom said...

Oh my that RV looks awesome! I have got to come see it in person.