Thursday, June 05, 2008

new FO, Lelah, summer top

right out of the shower, no air conditioning, no makeup, no more excuses. quick and easy, I think I knit this up in about 4 days!


Jay & Jody said...

Hi Diane,
I saw that you’re a member of DASN International. I work for WEGO Health ( and just finished an interview with Mary Lockhart (, and I’m also in the process of interviewing Carole Mulliken, both founders of DASN. I would love to interview you for a new “Spotlight on Community Leaders” series on WEGO Health. Please let me know if you’re interested and then we can talk more about the process.
Kind regards,
Jody Simpson
Health Researcher
WEGO Health

P.S. Great sweater! I can't believe you made that in 4 days! It would have taken me years!

lynseym said...

it turned out so cute! :)