Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alton Brown Feasting on Asphalt, The River Run

The entire family volunteered during Alton's visit to The Pink Palace. While I wish we had better photos, we were busy helping others take their photos, get information for the newsletter and generally helping all 400 people get their minute with him. He is, always, gracious, warm, genuine and fully attentive to each individual who comes to see him. Talented, smart, and gracious. I can pretty much guarantee he's one in a million. Sorry the photos s*ck, I swear, I took great ones of everyone else (with their cameras!) When he was leaving he asked if I was going to be there the next time he came. I wasn't sure if I had upset him! But he really was joking. ::whew!:: I was beat. Completely exhausted. Dementia is sucking the life out of me, but this was an investment. I do, slightly wish we had been standing in line and actually gotten to have a good photo with him and we all really wish he had been in a setting where he could speak to his fans. He is a wonderful and entertaining speaker. Maybe the magic fairies will let us visit the Good Eats Set when we take William to Atlanta for his next Kendo team practice? (HA!) Need more A.B. fixes? Try these: (older, but still a great read;

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