Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oops, I did it again

William blew out the thumb of the kote I had only repaired (but the repair was in another spot and held). Today I discovered there was no repairing that thumb. some of it appears to be missing. So once again I called Gossett-san and asked to borrow the upholstery thread. I really should just buy my own. Thankfully I had enough leather left and already had another palm cut out (probably from when I foolishly thought I would repair both of them at the same time). The good news is that this time it only took me two hours start to finish. There must be a wicked learning curve on the repair of kotes. Now he's set for practice tomorrow and aside from a bloody finger (I was distracted by fighting children and punctured the heck out of my index finger), no frosty adult beverages or even sailor language was required this time.
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