Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kitchen hell, part 2

Boys doing dishes before the tear out began So, if you've been keeping up, then you know some time way back in late 2005 we discovered some water damage from a leaking dishwasher and were subsequently plunged into Kitchen Hell. Life in Kitchen Hell is slow. Slower than you can imagine. Slower than watching food cook in a crockpot (an essential element in the kitchenless household). So here we sit. April 2006. Months after beginning the tear out of the kitchen. A solid month and a half (probably, my sense of time stinks) after gutting it and what do we have? An empty kitchen, unpainted, unprimed. A living room stuffed TO THE CEILING with boxes of cabinets from Premier Cabinetry. Two more boxes of cabinets in our dining room. A sunroom full of boxes of items that belong in the kitchen and the dining table over flowing with vital kitchen items like coffee pot, salt, pepper, cutting board along with boxes filled with essential spices, essential pots and pans and essential impliments. The boxes are under the dining table. The house is a wreck. We can't see the TV in the living room! If you've been to our house, you know we (Ginger) has a TV roughly the size of New Jersey and we can't see it!
Here are some pictures through the process. I imagine the server will not like the sheer number of them so I shall try to be brief. Here's Ginger removing trim.Galadrielle supervising (upper) William removing tile after cabinet was removed (lower)
Wm, Galadrielle (see the floor?) and Ginger (see the nut on the shelf?)

nothing but pictures of Kitchen Hell continued

<-Before during demolishion->

Saturday, April 01, 2006

catching up

I have a bet with my friend Mary. We both are so far behind on our blogs that it's embarassing. I, however, "win" because mine was "more" behind that hers. The blogging is good. It helps me remember things. I honestly would never have remember some of the events if they weren't documented. I just scrolled through several months of digital pictures and found "new" things.

If you keep up with this blog, then you're obviously better than me! You will notice that some events don't have pictures. Sorry. Part of it was a problem uploading, part of it was not wanting to put pictures of friends on the net without their permission. But the bathroom was neither. The truth is, the bathroom remains undone! It is still missing window and show curtains. Well, the frosted glass and the clear plastic shower curtain are there, but the expresso, or chocolate curtains I envisioned are not. Our ceilings are simply too high for all the mass marketed stuff. I have not taken it upon myself to sew, but it appears that is where I am headed.