Sunday, June 04, 2006

The sink that ate a vacation day

After carefully measuring and cutting out the hole for the sink, we tried to install it one evening last week. The grout had cured and I had issued an ultimatum that the sink WOULD be up and running by that evening. I also had a premonition that at 9:30 we would be working on said sink and go to bed without completing the project. I was right. The first picture is a photo of something called a "spud nut". Ours, of course, is not a normal spud nut, but an ancient one that had rusted together with the drain. We tried muscling it off, we tried beating it loose and eventually Ginger took a vacation day the next day. She took the entire sink to Gate City Hardware where they broken a hacksaw trying to remove the drain. We were desperate. We checked the cost of a new kitchen sink. We decided to get out the RotoZip and cut the drain off. Aside from over heating the motor on the rotozip, we were succesful. A new strainer and a more modern spud nut (that the spud nut tools actually FIT) was installed and after a few more zillion hours of water leaks, we finally had a sink. I did my first load of handwashing back in a kitchen sink. It was wonderful. Next, the dishwasher will be installed!
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lynsey said...

oh my. you deserve the golden dish gloves of heroism for all that!

Irish Clover said...

love the picture of you! the look on your face is great. i hope the sink likes it's new spud nut :)