Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All this and the kitchen floor, or "How do we survive a do-it-ourselves" kitchen remodel?

We still have not decided on the floor tile to finish the bathroom remodel, but other than that and the final "soft" touches, like towels and bath mats. It's done. So what's next? Replacing the dishwasher with one we got from freecycle! And what better to do before installing the "free" dishwasher than to totally and completely gut our kitchen! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the kitchen floor has water damage down to the subfloor right in front of the kitchen sink. Ginger and William discovered it while removing the ancient dishwasher. They called me at work to tell me. When I got home from work, the site of that floor damage drove me to drink. So it was load up the family and head to Molly's!

We've met with contractors and determined the joists are solid. The subfloor is not and needs to be replaced in at least one area about 4x6'. At this point in time we are planning to do it all ourselves! This means the kitchen will be completely out of commission for no less than 2 months. Aside from moving the refrigerator to the dining room and setting up a small kitchen area in there, washing dishes in dish tubs on the bathroom counter and using disposable cups/plates/silver (or constantly washing our enamel camp dishes) WHAT SUGGESTIONS DO YOU HAVE FOR US? Comments will be heartily welcomed! We cook and eat all meals at home. We are a work and stay at home family. We don't do well with cereal and sandwiches non-stop so at least one meal must be hot each day, plus we'll be on a paupers budget to do the remodel so eating out is limited to out usual once a week. I wonder how long I can operate the campstove inside before I asphyxiate everyone? HELP!

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