Saturday, November 12, 2005

Everything and the bathroom sink...

Last night the local unschooler's group celebrated Martinmas. While this is a Christian festival, it certainly isn't celebrated as such by our (Jewish) family, but we don't make a big deal of it and we participate in our own way. Many families do the same. The boys enjoyed spending some time with friends even thought it was late when we arrived and got very dark. Max shared GameBoy with Nick and William ran with a group of kids close to his age. We were among the last to leave. It was very pleasant and the many small adult conversations that were short, but incredibly important, are the highlight of my evening. Sending a big warm thanks to Lynn for continually organizing this, all the families who brought great food, Margaret for taking a moment to talk and to Jeannie and family an extra hug and good energy for clarity in the job situation!
It's a beautiful fall day, what AM I doing at home instead of out hiking? Being responsible ::sigh:: Home improvement remains at the top of the list. The bathroom is almost finishing being painted. There are a few pieces of trim to remeasure, cut and paint. While I did dishes, cooked and laundry, Ginger cut in and rolled the bathroom ceiling. If we keep at it, this will be done by evening with only the replacement of the floor to complete the transformation. What a chore! Who knew that by changing the the lighting we'd end up redecorating the entire thing? Certainly not moi! We've removed plastor and lath, replaced wiring, shimmed out walls, hung drywall, scraped walls, patched walls and mudded seams. We've primed and painted and there's more painting to be done. The curtain rods and trim are calling so I must to the home improvement dash! One of these days you'll see a completed picture on here.
Next time maybe I'll tell you about our most excellent trip to Chicago, Halloween and Wm's birthday! Go forth and redecorate!!!

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