Thursday, March 25, 2010

At least the cat approves

This is a quilt made from "upcycled" tropical shirts. Probably the worst work I have ever done, but it is completed and will be shipped to TX for the Frisco Feeding Frenzy IV auction for Parties that Matter. Parrotheads know how to unit for a good cause.

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New wardrobe for the graduate

Max has been wearing uniforms since he entered public chater school and while he is a snappy uniform dresser, he has discovered the joy of bowling style shirts and silk. One day at my favorite thrift store, I purchased these five shirts and presented them to him as his "college wardrobe". He was thrilled! And he put one on for the dinner that very night. Do male college freshman iron their shirts?? If not, this may not have been such a good idea.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

I fought the quilt and the quilt won

Today I finished piecing the upcycled hawaiian shirt quilt top for the Frisco Feeding Frenzy IV. A trip to the store to purchase batting, because of course I didn't have any batting the right size and didn't want to cut up a queen size bat. Used the spray basting for the first (and maybe last) time. Small margin of time to adjust, if you find a wrinkle later, you're sunk. Then onto quilting and that's where the real "fun" started. Tension, snags, and thread breakage abounded. About 4 hours into it (and 2 needles) I declared a cease fire. Tomorrow I will horrify you with photos of the back of the quilt [shuddering] and the top. My adorable wife says it's not bad and I have nothing to complain about. ALWAYS ask a non-quilter when you know your quilt s*cks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Help! My Quilt List is getting bigger!

You saw the great fabric I purchased for quilts for a friend's 2 young sons. That fabric sits untouched because I have not even finished the quilt top for either of the charity quilts I'm making out of upcycled hawaiian shirts. I have no business adding a Quilt-a-long to my list, but I am really drawn to this jelly roll. Its not just that it would be an excuse to purchase a jelly roll (which I have avoided so far). I really like this idea and would love to do it. The real problem is the time line. I'm already basically a month behind so it wouldn't so much be a quilt a long as a quilt behind. Moda has some Jelly Rolls I adore and how can I possibly resist Spumoni BATIKS? I need secret money.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Maxwell Thornton-Leonard Senior 2010

You can't see how long his ponytail is in this photo, but the official senior portraits will.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

quilt madness

I know nothing of the march madness that goes on in some sport involving a round ball, but let me tell you what happens when to wanna-be-great-quilters get to go to a quilt fabric warehouse; nirvana. And so when Sarah and I were allowed to tour and shop with the tutelage of shop owner Arlene Blackburn we swooned. Here are some photos from our first visit. There will be many many more! I purchased fabric for 2 quilts I've been commissioned to make for Amy's boys. Wow, these photos don't do it justice. There is fabric here you simply can't get anywhere else. And the Japanese fabric? Did you read all about it? :) Locals can sign up for for the newsletters and attend warehouse sales, out of town, state and country people can sign up and benefit from their clearance sections. Her daily prices are so appealing and reasonable that it was almost impossible to show moderation, but I had told myself I had to limit myself to the current commissioned project. I was good! You don't have to be. Visit the store online and tell 'em Diane sent you!